Bush Baby

Bush Baby image. The Greater Bush Baby lives in several parts of the Serengeti National Park, in dense stands of riverine vegetation. About the size of a cat, Greater Bush Baby are primates (monkeys and ape group), though only distantly related to higher primates such as chimpanzees. At night, Greater Bush Baby gives a distinctive call which sounds very much like a crying baby, thus giving them their name. The Greater Bush Baby lives in the Grumeti Riverine Forests, the Seronera River Acacia Thickets, and along the streams in the south-west, near Moru Ranger Post. Unlike the black and white Colobus Monkeys, Greater Bush Baby are active at night and do not eat tree leaves (folivorous), but eat tree sap, flowers, fruits and insects instead. It lives in loose troops of animals which are ruled by a dominant female (matriarch). Dominant males travel between several troops, while young and subdominant males live in the periphery of the female troops. Both males and females call to announce their location, but most communication is done with scent. Greater Bush Babies have glands in their skin which produce a musky scent which is taken up by the fur. They have special "finger claws" on their back feet and a curiously split tongue which are assumed to help in cleaning each other’s fur. The prime way of scent marking, however, is to urinate on their hands and touch branches.

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