Oryx image. The Oryx is of compact built with deep chest, long, flowing horse-tail, pale gray to tan coat, a black and white clown mask and black side stripe and garters bordering areas of white. It has slightly curved horns, the males being more muscular with bigger horns. This is one of the most perfectly desert-adapted large mammals favoring level, stony plains, grazing or browsing, and able to get by with water-storing fruits and roots. Oryx Antelopes are active by day and night, but under extreme draught conditions they will feed at night and in the early morning. They form mixed herds wherein each sex is ranked in a strict dominance hierarchy, adult males being dominant over females. The herd is led by a high-ranking cow, but directed and controlled by the alpha bull, usually bringing up the rear. Oryx are only found in the East of Serengeti N.P.

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