Puff Adder

Puff Adder image. The Puff Adder's has distinctive short, thick yellowish body with dark chevron back markings; triangle shaped head and slow caterpillar movement. This is a common and widespread snake, abundant in savannas, where it feeds largely on rodents and other small mammals. Puff Adder venom is extremely toxic, and coupled with their behavior of hiding beside paths and trails at night waiting for rodents, makes them a very dangerous snake. In fact, Puff Adders are responsible for most of the snake-bite deaths in Africa. This is one of the reasons that locals prefer to have broad, open paths with little surrounding grass or branches. Puff Adders are back-fanged snakes, and have a very flexible head and neck, making them also very difficult to handle. These snakes appear slow and docile but can strike with amazing speed and are best widely avoided.

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